Finals This Week, Graduation Next

I have been running around like a madman trying to get everything in order for these last few months. Looking back over this semester and the entire 5 year experience as a whole... all of the work, frustration and all-nighters.... it has definitely all been worth it. Even when it prohibits me from sleep and general comforts.... I still really LOVE doing what I do. I'm very happy.

Congratulations to all of my fellow gradautes & best of luck with future endeavors.

The end of a huge life chapter..... What's next?


Gerisa said...

I know what you mean about closing this chapter in our lives. It's going to be crazy after this huh? I wish you well Miguel, I'll see you at graduation I hope? ^^

Mark Simmons said...

Congrats to you too, and thanks for sharing that portfolio class with me! It was always exciting to see what crazy new ideas you'd throw at us next. I've got to say that your "World of Slumber" totally BLEW MY MIND. :-)