Settling Back In

I'm settling back home in Sacramento for a few months whilst I save some money and tie up any last minute loose ends between my portfolio, web presence, mailing promotion, etc.. I've given myself a time limit no longer than 6 months, so some time between the end of this year and January of 2010, I will be making a career move to NYC. I don't want to lose any of my steam so the name of the game right now is sacrifice & dedication. The last few weeks after graduation can best be summed up as extreme anxiety sprinkled with glimmering moments of sheer excitement for my future.

World of Slumber, the above piece, is one of my two pieces on exhibition at the Academy of Art University's 2009 Annual Spring Show and undoubtedly is one of my favorite pieces of my career thus far. The uncertainty of the disorienting environment with an overall sense of wonder - that's what life is like right now for many people, including myself. Let's all try our best to stay inspired even in the face of trying times. Enjoy.