TAMA + I've Been in NY for 6 Weeks

This is not my work. It's an illustration by a Japanese artist by the name of Tama. I was pleasantly suprised to find that Manhattan has its own bigger, better version of the Kinokuniya Bookstore I had so frequented during my five years in San Francisco. I found this book sitting amongst a pile of others and it immediately took my breath away. I can't understand a word of the accompanying poetry but, if you manage to see this in print, you'll understand why words are not needed. I can't articulate what's going on nor how I should feel when I look at Tama's work and that makes this book incredibly memorable.

I'm interning at Marque Creative, abranding agency in Manhattan for the time being whilst I update my portfolio, re-do my website, and execute an over-all streamlining of my site identity. New York is an incredibly dark, beautiful and inspiring place to live. Even when I start to miss the comforts and convenience of a more obscure environment, I still know this is where I need to be.

Source - http://tamaxxx.egoism.jp/