Spring Show Is Coming.

And this is not going in it but I'm fairly proud of it nonetheless.

We were given a small piece of text to create a one page illlustration from for my first project in Children's Storybook Illustration. I took the moon out because it seemed unnecessary and, though I like how advertisement-worthy the type treatment is, I agree that I can make it a little bit more friendly/not as tense.

In all honesty, first reaction was to draw this Captain Hook guy on a ship, looking over the sea to a yellow serpentine monster much bigger and scarier than him. Oh, and throw a moon in the background.

But how much fun would that be? And would I give that boring & non-stimulating book to my kid?

No. Because children are just like little men and women: they too deserve to be entertained, confused, forced to think, bombarded with design, and sometimes even be scared by the unfamilar.

I'm not saying that this is the piece that is going to define my career. But anytime I can finish a piece and say I truly accomplished what the tecnhnical aspects asked for and maintaned my own sense of artistic integrity and need to offer something new... that's really what it's all about.