Hillside Ghosts

This was originally a piece i did in ILL3 as an edtorial, but I'd rather not state an exact theme of it. I find that (as challenging and rewarding as working with concept can be), most pieces of art are only as interesting as the amount of interpretation you leave up to the viewer. So do what you do, art-connoisseur.


A Quick Break from My Real Homework.

Just some quick rendering on a few sketches I composited into one. Obviously no concept here other than I really like design & drawing pretty girls. Ask anybody who's known me since kindergarten: drawing girls will never get old for me.

And pay no mind to the type. I know it's hideous (I just wanted something fun).


Why People Pay $$$ for Great Design.

Magnetic Curtain design by Florian Kräutli.

Not only is this curtain functional but it's completely original in its design.

Effective industrial designers remain some of the most respected artists because, not only do they have to understand great design and concept, but, additionally, they have to make things completely functional & execute them effectively in a huge variety of tangible/durable materials. It's more responsibility than i'd like to imagine but, when its done right, is very deserving of the big paychecks.

Source: Apartment Therapy