The Nokia Morph Concept

I'm a little bit late on this, but whatever. Nokia, in conjunction with Cambridge University, has released their design concept for the New Nokia Morph, which uses advanced nanotechnology in a way that I'm not even sure I fully comprehend yet. Basically you can pull, morph and fold this phone into various devices including a headset, notepad, bluetooth ear attachment, and even a bracelet that matches whatever texture you want, without ever damaging it (it's virtually dirt-proof). It may be a long time before something like this is even affordable to the average consumer but it's promising nonetheless.

Watch the concept video here. The type, music & color schemes are a little off the mark (this would probably have looked more amazing around 2000-2002) but still, the concept is outrageous.

Thanks to Christian for this
Source: Gizmodo


Graphic, Bold & Beautiful.

This video, even from my youth to now, has had such an influence on what I view as proper aesthetics. It's bright, fresh, graphic, and so climactic. At the end of the song, when it quickly progresses to that really high note is just.... exactly what everything should be. So clean.


The One & Only Namie Amuro

This is definitely not the first nor last time I post this promo piece of Namie Amuro that I did last semester in ILL3. This was my first time doing a finished illustration in Adobe Illustrator (ever) and I couldn't have picked a better design or person to spend 20+ hours obsessing over.

Here are some great promo pictures from her upcoming "60s 70s 80s" release on 3/12