The Nokia Morph Concept

I'm a little bit late on this, but whatever. Nokia, in conjunction with Cambridge University, has released their design concept for the New Nokia Morph, which uses advanced nanotechnology in a way that I'm not even sure I fully comprehend yet. Basically you can pull, morph and fold this phone into various devices including a headset, notepad, bluetooth ear attachment, and even a bracelet that matches whatever texture you want, without ever damaging it (it's virtually dirt-proof). It may be a long time before something like this is even affordable to the average consumer but it's promising nonetheless.

Watch the concept video here. The type, music & color schemes are a little off the mark (this would probably have looked more amazing around 2000-2002) but still, the concept is outrageous.

Thanks to Christian for this
Source: Gizmodo

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Bandit said...

i noticed that the Morph concept takes a lot from the technologies that are already present in nature (self-cleaning, etc.)