"Just Like A Woman" + Charlotte Gainsbourg

This illustration was inspired by the Bob Dylan classic, "Just Like A Woman." Mr. Dylan has rightfully earned his place in American culture as one of our greatest musical talents of all time and, while I can recognize his talents as a songwriter, I've found it a challenge to listen to most of his work simply because of his... "unique" voice.

Luckily for me there are many Bob Dylan cover songs out in the world! This interpretation of "Just Like A Woman," sung by one of my favorite singers/actresses/human beings, Charlotte Gainsbourg, is simply beautiful. Coupled with Gainsbourg's signature airy vocals, this reinterpretation doesn't lose focus from Dylan's beautiful composition and brutally honest lyrics.

Charlotte's new album, IRM, was produced in whole with Beck and is due out in the states on the 26th of January. Her new video for "Heaven Can Wait" is one of the best I've seen in a long time — No really, it's amazing. You can watch it now over at Pitchfork.